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Mastercron FF is used on floors designed to conform to a specific flatness designation. (Refer to ACI 117, ASTM E 1155M-96, and CSA A23.1-00 for specifics regarding the F-Number System.) Fresh concrete has the ability to integrate up to 1.0 lb/ft2 (4.9 kg/m2) of Mastercron FF after screeding.


  • Unique gradation
  • Broadcast aggregate
  • Early application process
  • Creates a dense surface
  • Size-graded aggregate and proprietary admixtures Improved finishing
  • Aggregate remains at surface despite


  • Enhances flatness on flat and superflat construction
  • Can be applied to a newly placed slab for a flat or superflat floor (FF 25+)
  • Applied soon after screeding or bull floating
  • Does not leave pinholes common on plain concrete floors; resists penetration by oil and grease; reduces maintenance costs
  • Abrasion resistance twice that of plain concrete early application of shake

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